Hiking Gear

Layers: Given the potential of alternating between sun and fog, you should wear layered clothing so that you go back and forth from short sleeves to warmer layers when needed. Rain or heavy mist is always possible so a light weight poncho is a good idea – I just bring a non-insulated rain jacket, which is also good to help cut the wind chill.

Footwear: Given the wide variety of terrain and water crossings, I recommend sturdy high topped hiking boots with a few changes of socks. Wearing a thin pair of socks inside a heavier pair helps prevent blisters and give your feet more cushion. Sandals or camp shoes are useful for water crossings and evenings.

Tents: make sure yours is waterproof as nights can be foggy and dewy. The wire stakes that come with most tents won’t hold in the sand. Bring extra cord (Paracord is excellent for this type of thing) to tie around pieces of driftwood or rocks buried in the sand.

For rainy conditions I personally like a floorless shelter system. I have found that traditional style tents – which you must set up first and then put on the rain fly – have the potential to get very wet on the inside in the process of setting it up in the rain.

Other: If hiking when there is the potential for rain, Bring a few large heavy-duty trash bags with you to separate your gear and line your backpack with. I find it especially beneficial to put my wet tent into its own trash bag to keep the moisture separated from the rest of my gear. You can also use a trash bag as an inexpensive pack cover.

Dog booties: When hiking on the coast at the King Range NCA you will want booties to protect your pet’s paws. The Greywacke sandstone and Shale that is characteristic of the sand is very angular and sharp and WILL injure your pet.

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