Arcata/Eureka Airport : The nearest airport is the Arcata/Eureka airport (ACV), which is actually located in Mckinleyville, California. Horizon and United serve this airport. Driving time from the airport to the start of the north trailhead is approximately 3-4 hours nonstop.

Amtrak : The nearest Amtrak station is Martinez, California, just north of San Francisco. From Martinez, you can take an Amtrak bus to Garberville, which is about one hour from Shelter Cove.

Greyhound : The nearest Greyhound bus stop is Garberville, which is about one hour from Shelter Cove.

Shuttle Service :  Many hikers of the Lost Coast Trail choose to park their vehicle at one trailhead and be shuttled via local transport providers either to or from the opposite trailhead. In order to legally provide transport for hire on public lands, shuttle service providers must be issued a Special Recreation Permit from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). This permit ensures that the provider is knowledgeable of BLM’s regulations and requirements for hiking and camping in the King Range National Conservation Area (NCA), and has the proper insurance for transporting people. NOTE: If you would like a shuttle between trailheads, then you must call one of the providers to schedule a pick-up date, time, and location. Do NOT wait until you are at a trailhead to call a provider. Please call a provider before your trip or you may need to alter your trip itinerary.

The following individuals and/or organizations have been issued a permit for the purpose of transporting people on public land in the King Range NCA:

Lost Coast Adventure Tours Contact: Blu Graham 707-986-9895 or 707-502-7514

Mendo Insider Tours Contact: David Lipkind 707-962-4131


One Response to “Transportation”

  1. Lisa Nelson 12.28.2016 at 12:24 PM #

    Hikers should know that Bill’s Lost Coast Shuttle Service (707) 442-1983 is also an option and he is fully licensed/permitted.

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